Natural Resource Management in Western Australia


Vision for natural resource management in Western Australia (WA):

Western Australia's vast landscape and seascape, intricate web of biodiversity

and other natural resources are conserved, managed and used sustainably for the

common good, and the community is involved in management and planning

processes that are transparent and visionary.

State Sustainability Strategy 2003

WA has some of the world's most remarkable natural landscapes, waterways and marine environments. These environments support a diverse range of flora and fauna, many of which are endemic, found nowhere else in the world.

The diverse nature of WA's natural resources means that there are many individuals, regional and community groups, industries, organisations, government departments and committees contributing to natural resource management in WA.

The Numbat is Western Australia's fauna symbol (photo courtesy of the Department of Agriculture and Food)


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Thank you to everyone that applied for this years community grants

We received 225 applications worth more than $7.8 million. Applicants pledged a further $13.6 million towards the delivery of projects. This equates to $21.4 million worth of activity for the protection of WA’s environment! Successful projects will be announced in October.

Page last updated on Tuesday, 5 February 2013