State NRM Program grants

2018 Community Stewardship Grants 

These grants support community-based projects that serve to protect and restore the local environment. They are a component of the State NRM Program, an initiative of the Western Australian Government and support the Western Australian Natural Resource Management Framework 2018.

The list of  successful projects in the 2018 Community Stewardship Grants round is now available.

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2018 Community Stewardship Grants FAQ's

 There are two grants available annually:

  • Community Stewardship Grants - Small. These community stewardship grants are valued between $1,000 and $25,000.
  •  Community Stewardship Grants - Large. These community stewardship grants are for projects between $25,001 and $450,000.

The Community Stewardship Grants are now closed. The next round will open in 2019

Information for 2018 grant applicants

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The Western Australian Government values the work and achievements of WA's local, not-for-profit and volunteer-based NRM groups and networks.

An initiative of the WA Government, the State NRM Program recognises the efforts of these groups by supporting them to achieve on-ground outcomes and expand their influence and impact into the wider community.

 Information for 2014-17 grant recipients

Fact Sheet: Dieback and your project (PDF)

Fact Sheet: Good hygiene and your project (PDF)

Fact Sheet: Photopoint Monitoring (PDF)

To manage your grant, go to and log in through the link at the top of the home page.


State NRM Program Action Grant Funding Agreement v100118

Acknowledging State NRM Program funding

If you are a successful State NRM Program grant recipient you are required to formally acknowledge the Western Australian Government's contribution to your project as a partner and supporter.

You are required to acknowledge the State NRM Program.

Please contact us with any queries and we look forward to seeing your arwork for approval.


Two high quality versions of the State NRM Program logo are supplied here that should meet your design needs. You need a special design program to open the EPS version.

Acknowledging State NRM Program funding

If you are a successful State NRM Program grant recipient you are required to acknowledge the program as a funder.

This helps spread the news about the types of activities funded, raises the program's profile as a key funder and keeps the WA community informed of how public money is spent.

The State NRM Program logo should be used on publications, websites, advertising and display materials and signs. Please contact the State NRM Program team to discuss using the logo.

The following words can be used: "...supported by funding from the Western Australian Government's State Natural Resource Management Program..."

Acknowledgement should be included in all promotional activities:

  • events and announcements
  • media releases and interviews
  • workshops, forums and conferences
  • display materials and signs
  • publications and websites

Funding agreement and reporting templates

The following templates are examples only. Grant recipients from the 2014-15 rounds and earlier will receive the latest versions of these when you develop your funding agreement and commence reporting.

Valuing your contribution

Your contribution as a volunteer is probably much bigger than you realise.

In an environment of shrinking budgets it's important to capture the true value of volunteers and other in-kind effort. It helps funders understand the real dollar value of activities and impact of spending on community projects.

In-kind contributions include the donation of:

  • time (volunteer hours or specialist services)
  • use of equipment
  • materials

Time is often underestimated in these calculations.

When estimating time, consider all the things that you and others do:

  • traveling
  • organising things
  • promoting and communicating
  • supervising activities
  • the list goes on....

State NRM Program volunteer rates:

  • adult $250 per day or $30 per hour
  • child $15 per hour
  • specialists are accounted at their normal full rates

We can't emphasise enough how important it is to capture in-kind contributions.

Please contact us if you would like help estimating the in-kind contribution of your project.